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Personalised Cushions

Add a cozy touch of love to your home with Waohhartz's personalized cushions. From capturing cherished memories on pillows to custom designs that reflect your style, we make comfort personal. Experience the Waohhartz difference—where every cushion is a hug from the heart!


Personalized Cushions: Elevate Your Décor with Custom Creations

Personalized Cushions: A Touch of You in Every Hug

When it comes to making your home truly yours, personalized cushions take center stage. At Waohhartz, we understand the significance of adding a personal touch to your living space. Our range of personalized cushions, including personalised pillows with photos and personalised cushions with photos, allows you to transform your memories into cozy and stylish home accessories. Dive into the world of custom cushions online and discover the perfect cushion gift for yourself or your loved ones.

The Beauty of Personalized Pillows with Photo

Imagine cuddling up with a cushion featuring your favorite moments captured in vibrant detail. Our personalised pillows with photos bring those cherished memories to life. Whether it's a wedding photo, a snapshot from a memorable vacation, or a candid family moment, we can imprint it on a cushion cover that will warm your heart every time you see it. These cushions make for fantastic personalized gifts too!

Custom Cushions Online: A World of Possibilities

At Waohhartz, we offer more than just personalised cushions with photos. Our range of custom cushions online is diverse and adaptable. From monogrammed initials to custom designs, you can create cushions that reflect your style and personality. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a splash of colors, our customization options make it easy to craft the perfect cushion.

Cushion Gift: Share the Comfort

Looking for a thoughtful and unique gift? A cushion gift from Waohhartz is a wonderful choice. Personalized cushions carry sentimental value and can convey your love and affection like no other gift. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion with a personalized touch that will be cherished for years to come.

FAQs About Personalized Cushions

Q1: How can I order personalized cushions online?

A1: Ordering personalized cushions at Waohhartz is a breeze. Visit our website, choose your preferred cushion style, upload your photo or design, and add any custom text if desired. Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless ordering process.

Q2: What materials are used for your personalized cushions?

A2: We use high-quality materials to ensure your personalized cushions stand the test of time. Our cushion covers are made of soft, durable fabric that's gentle on the skin and easy to maintain.

Q3: Can I wash my personalized cushion cover?

A3: Yes, all our personalized cushion covers are machine washable. Follow the care instructions provided, and your cherished memories will remain as vibrant as ever.

Q4: What is the typical delivery time for personalized cushions?

A4: We understand the excitement of receiving your personalized cushions. We offer fast dispatch within 24 hours of placing your order, ensuring you get your custom cushions online as soon as possible.

Q5: Do you offer international shipping?

A5: Currently, we provide free shipping within India. While international shipping is not available at the moment, we're constantly working to expand our reach.

Pricing and Shipping Information

At Waohhartz, we pride ourselves on offering the best prices in the industry. We believe that personalization should be affordable for everyone. Plus, with our free shipping in India, you can enjoy even more savings. Here's what you can expect when you shop with us:

  • Free Shipping in India: We offer free and reliable shipping within India, ensuring your personalized cushions reach you without any additional cost.
  • Best Price in the Industry: Our commitment to competitive pricing ensures you get the best value for your money.
  • Fast Dispatch within 24 Hours: We understand the importance of prompt delivery. Your custom cushions online will be on their way within 24 hours of ordering.
  • Wide Collection: Explore our extensive collection of personalized cushions, from photo cushions to custom designs, and find the perfect fit for your style.
  • Leading Online Store in India: Waohhartz is a trusted name in the world of personalized cushions. With years of experience, we've become a leading online store in India.

Elevate Your Home Décor with Waohhartz: Your Trusted Source for Personalized Cushions

At Waohhartz, we take pride in our Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness the field of personalized cushions.

Long Journey of Our Expertise

Our journey began in 2016, and since then, we've been dedicated to perfecting the art of personalization gifting. Our state-of-the-art printing machines and a talented team of designers ensure that every personalized cushion is a masterpiece. We continually develop new and modern designs to keep your home décor fresh and exciting.

Why we have Authoritativeness

Waohhartz is a trusted name in the world of personalized cushions in India. Our rigorous quality checks guarantee that every order meets our high standards before dispatch. We are a verified business by the Government of India and Facebook, further establishing our credibility. Our commitment to customer service and our strong online presence underscores our authority in this industry.

Finally, Your Trustworthiness Platform

We value your trust and aim to maintain it in every way possible. Positive reviews and high ratings on Google platform reflect the satisfaction of our customers. We offer a 7-day return and refund guarantee, ensuring that you're always satisfied with your purchase. Our personalization process includes one-to-one communication and approvals before final printing, assuring you of the highest quality. Our active presence on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest ensures transparency and engagement. Rest assured, our website is SSL secured, and your data is encrypted for safe transactions through Razorpay.

The Waohhartz Difference

Choosing personalized cushions from Waohhartz isn't just about adding a decorative item to your home. It's about adding a piece of your heart and soul. The materials we use, our production process, and the emotional value we place on each custom cushion make all the difference.

Our materials are carefully selected to ensure comfort and durability. We want your personalized cushion to become a cherished part of your daily life. Our production process is meticulous, guaranteeing that every detail is perfect, from printing to stitching. And most importantly, we understand the emotional value of personalized cushions. Each one carries memories, love, and a piece of you.


Elevate your home décor with personalized cushions from Waohhartz. Whether you're looking for the perfect personalised pillow with photo, a unique personalised cushion with a photo, or simply want to explore the world of custom cushions online, we've got you covered. Our commitment to expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness ensures that your personalized cushion journey with us will be a memorable one. Visit today and start personalizing your world. Your perfect cushion awaits!


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